White Tiger

White Tiger in Hidden Form

White Tiger

Eye Color Blue (sometimes pink)
Hair Color White and Black
Occupation One of the Four Guardian Gods
Status Alive
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1

White Tiger is one of the Four Gods and the anima of Yun Irang.


In the story of "Flow," there are various types of strong animals, such as normal tigers (although, still highly respected), lions, and eagles, it seems that the White Tiger is one of the strongest animals. In addition, it is one of the four guardian gods of the world and only one of every one billion humans is born under the White Tiger. As in the story, the White Tiger will disguise itself as a weaker god (in Irang's case, it disguised itself as cat).  

Power and abilities Edit

As one of the four beasts. White Tiger is very powerful. White Tiger's unique power is about time as the god granted Irang the wish that he asked for, to turn back time to his 18th birthday. And stated by Harin Lee's father that almost all of the children of the White Tiger asked for wishes regarding time. Later on in the story Irang learns to wish again to turn back time. In return for each wish Irang must tribute a sacrifice.   

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