Ma Yu-sung
Ma Yu-sung Profile
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Occupation High School, Junior Student
Status Alive
Anima Rat
Media Debut
Ma Y-sung is one of Yuan Lee-Rang's friends, the person who helped him get into the school and in return, made an oath. 


Longhouse is a short kid (Well duh he's the rat), but none the less he has striking blue hair that could be classed as indigo, it's quite short compared to the other males in the webfoot but it's still pretty! He wears his uniform prim and proper, tying back to the "oath" he made when he introduced himself to school.


Yusung is defintely a rat. He's sneaky and calculating, but sometimes that's a good thing. In one of the episodes, it showed that as he paid so much attention to his observation skill and can now tell anyone's anima no matter how hard they hide it. Even if he doesn't show it, Yusung is a considerate friend and is there for Lee-Rang when he needs it most.

The Rat AnimaEdit

The Rat Anima is one of the zodiac animas, however it is one of the weakest. It isn't as weak as normal ones such as the Pigeon Anima, as it's seperation skill is quite powerful. Yusung's abilities to observe help greatly in his seperation, and he can summon his ignition to become a sniper. He was chosen as one of the 5, in high school, because of this.

School LifeEdit

The WishEdit


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