Hong Ryun
Hong Ryun Profile
Biographical Information
Age: 18
Full name: Hong Ryun
Status: Deceased (Future)
Alive (Present
Cause of Death: He slipped out of Yun Lee-Rang's grasp and got eaten.
Occupation: High School Junior Student
School Vice President
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Blue
Height: 184cm
Significant Others: Suh Yul-Bi (Crush)
Parents: Unnamed Parents
Siblings: Hong Yul (Cousin)
Anima: Dragon
Character Information
First appearance: Volume 1 Episode 1
Hong Ryun is the best friend of Yun Lee-Rang. He's also the vice president of the school.


Ryun has spiky blue hair and blue eyes. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform.

When he takes the black pill from the guy thingy and he got black hair and black dUlL eyes how cool


Ryun is a calm and tender person who cares for those around him. He is also cool and mellow, taking responsibility most of the time. 

The Dragon AnimaEdit

The draaagooon lmao

School LifeEdit

He goes to high school because lIkE hIs aNizma iS a cOoL aNd sTrONg dRagON yKnOw? And he's friends with some pathetic people wHo aReNT pAtHEtIc aT aLl cAUsE sUh yUl-Bi is literally the child of the Phoenix? While Yun Lee-Rang is the white together so like it's Gucci and all


Love InterestsEdit

Suh Yul-Bi: They have been best friends from before they knew about their animas. Ryun has feelings for her in which it's mutual on her side too.


Yun Lee-Rang: The two have been best friends, as Lee-Rang quoted, before they've discovered their animas.

Lee Harin:

The WishEdit


putang ina mo cardo