Functions Edit

There are five basic functions of Animas: Start, Seperate, Spread, Amplify, and Transform.

Start Edit

Start allows someone to create an image of theirAnima to fight. These images are made of pure energy, and have different effects depending on the user.

Seperate Edit

Seperate allow the user to create mutiple images of their Anima. Each of these images has the same amount of energy in them as the original, so it makes for a much stronger attack.

Spread Edit

Spread allows the user to put their Anima into an object, which is usually thrown to increase the range of their attacks.

Amplify Edit

Amplify is where the user increase their bodies efficency with Anima, partially transforming into it. This gives them certain useful body parts, such as gills if you're a fish, or wings if you're a bird.

Transform Edit

The Transform skill allows the user to change certain aspects of their anima, and focus on them, such as the speed or speed.

Others Edit

There are also other skills, which not everyone can use, and some can only be used by a certain anima.

Vow Edit

The Vow skill allows to people to make a pact, that will benefit them both in different ways, and has a punishment if one party does not follow it.

Element (Unnamed) Edit

Some people have the ability to turn their anima into an element, such Yun Lee-Rang's electricity affinity, or Lee Harin's fire affinity.


The Forge skill allows the user to create a weapon out of their anima, such as Hong Ryun's staff, or the School Presidents book. (This could just be a form of spread however)

Claryvoiance (Unnamed) Edit

The Blue Dragon has the ability to see into the future.